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Winks & Kisses

Andrea came to me this Spring in need of a logo for her new business Winks & Kisses.
To be honest I was a little nervous about taking this job because I’m not really a girly girl and don’t know much about make-up, but I embraced the woman inside me, and took on the project with much enthusiasm. I thought it would fun and a change of pace. And it SO was!

Andrea wanted a logo that people would get excited by and would want to find out more about the company. But more importantly she wanted a logo that embraced her and her art, which was creative, young, edgy and classy.

I had a blast doing research and designing mock’s for Andrea, and she was a GREAT pleasure to work with!

  • Winks & Kisses
  • March 2013
  • Logo Design
  • Identity
  • Illustrator
  • Ninja Skills