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Ram Trucks

For the past year I had been contracting with SapientNitro and working with the creative on the Ram Truck campaigns and website.

2013 Ram 1500

The first two samples are from the 2013 Ram 1500 campaign take over. Which pretty much consisted of just that. A take over. We designed numerous animated banners, drop downs and website skin’s.

Done at SapientNitro 2012
Creative Director: Micah Whitson
Copywriter: Graham Shepherd

2013 Ram 1500 Awards Page

Ram Trucks wanted a new awards and review page designed that could feature the numerous awards coming in for their 1500 Truck as well as the option to read about previous awards won.

Done at SapientNitro 2012-2013
Creative Director: Giancarlo Pisani
Copywriter: Graham Shepherd & Pete Valle

Ram Trucks 2013 Update

A new look for the site’s vehicle pages, that would educate users about the truck that would work best for them. The page updates consisted of an interactive capabilities and safety pages, informative exterior and interior pages, and a new gallery design that would be friendly to tablet users.

Done at SapientNitro 2013
Creative Director: Giancarlo Pisani & Josh Eaker
Copywriter: Graham Shepherd

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