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Mobile App, Branding, Marketing, and More

The Brief

Dropcast is a social network and publishing tool that allows users to create multimedia content and attach it to a location for anybody to discover and share. It is a place-based storytelling app.

During the process of designing the app, there was a strong need to start building pitch decks and marketing materials (such as emails, stickers, buttons, etc) to promote Dropcast’s campaign.

The Solution

Taking the designs elements and braking them down into fun and simple color schemes, we built a bold and bright marketing campaign. Most of these elements were strewn about SXSW of 2014. Which included Dropcast coasters left at bars, buttons with the Dropcast logo, stickers and more. The goal was to grab attention with clean, bold, and vivid design.

Pitch decks and marketing decks were created with this same bold and dazzling color scheme with strong visual photography that told the story of Dropcast and what it could do for the social media world.

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  • April 2014
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