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AP Paints

AP Paints is also known as Anthony Peterson, who does custom bike paintings in Minnesota and a whole LOT more.

Anthony has a fun laid back personality with a LOT of fun mixed in there. I captured the AP Paints logo with just Anthony’s initials “AP” with the bike handle bars to the side.
I had originally designed a custom website for him, but after a year, Anthony wanted to make updates, so we both agreed that a WordPress theme would suite his needs best, so he wasn’t harassing me about it all the time. Just kidding, it’s fun talking to Anthony about bikes and such. So, we bought one, and I custom designed the icons and a few other little things on it to make it his.

I also, occasionally do decals for the bikes he takes on.

Check out his site here.
Shoot him an email if you’re looking for a really kick-ass paint job on your chipped and used up bike.

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