“Always follow your gut. Follow your conscience. Follow your heart and mind and better instinct. Most of all, stay true to one’s art.”Steve J. Sherman


[one_half_first] • I once drank a whole cup of marinara sauce on a dare. I regret nothing.

• I’ve played piano in front of 4,850 people – this is a rough estimate –
(I wish to never do that again)

• I’m a HUGE band geek even though I haven’t played for years, but still
like to say in my head “heel toe…heel toe” when I walk.

• I’ve lived in four different cities in my twenties. (I was restless).

• I’ve saved my cousin from drowning twice.
[/one_half_first] [one_half_last] • I’m a farm kid from central Minnesota, but I admit, I decided to work
at the local Subway rather then be frustrated with cows on a daily basis.

• I drew on everything as a kid. Walls, cement floors, trees, my
brother…the list is endless.

• I got hit by a cab in Paris on the first day of being there, going to see the
Eiffel Tower. I kind of rolled up on the hood like Will Ferrell does in Elf. (My ego was bruised more than my body).

• Three things I need to design: Coffee, music and a good deadline, and procrastination. (Okay I lied, that’s four, but deadlines and procrastination go hand in hand).

10685413_10152615728830210_4171114408511475889_nWhere to begin? My first degree is in Media Communications with a minor in art. However, after living in two different cities with a few random jobs in-between, I realized, I really wanted to go back to school for design. So, once again, I packed up my things and moved to Minneapolis and worked my butt off. I went to school full time, worked 40 hours a week and did an internship on top of it all. I LOVED every minute of it.

I’ve been designing since 2006 and it has been an amazing and fun journey so far. I love making my clients happy and creating something they can be proud of. But most importantly, I LOVE growing as a person and designer through my clients and the design  challenges they present to me every day.  A quotation that I try to live by is:

“…underpromise and overdeliver.” Tom Peters

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